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Pellet Air Stove Mytherm Mirror
  • Pellet Air Stove Mytherm Mirror

Pellet Air Stove Mytherm Mirror

When utility meets elegance and beauty!

Air Stove Mytherm Mirror 10KW is a modern high-tech pellet stove with energy efficiency class A ++ and low emissions for environmental protection.

The product is NOT available in STOCK from the store, but after consultation with the store and the supplier. For more information and how to send please contact us at:

2411115170 & 6973204699

Air Stove Mytherm Mirror is equipped with an external airduct cleaning mechanism for optimum performance andeconomy. It is equipped with all the necessary electronic & electrical operating and security systems and heats the room evenly. Manufactured of high strength certified materials for high performance and high durability (high strength steel sheets, Italian electrical and electronic components).

Ranks on the scale of A ++ class according to the European energy labeling requirements and complies with the European emission standards for a safe, cost-effective operation and low energy footprint.

Colors: Red, white, Black.


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